Il Cerchio Pipes

This idea was born from my passion for pipes as objects of functional artistic expression. The interconnection between form and function starts with the interpretation of each block of briar - or other material - which can be touched, felt, and closely examined. Every single piece in my perseveringly detail-oriented offering is carved with the same level of love and devotion to the craft. The slow and attentive shaping accompanies me to the final vision through an ad-hoc evolutionary process which is unique just like each block of briar.

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lavorazione pipa artigianale
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Artisan Pipes, The Voyage

Handmade pipes fall within the category of artistic craftmanship. With practice, the human hand can create unique and refined products, capable of conveying emotions and instilling cultural value.


Each pipe follows a unique path, starting from an idea which then materialises and terminates with the creation of a tangible object. Like every voyage, it is a source of experience and emotional growth. The inception of an Il Cerchio pipe starts with the study of a block of briar and continues with the client holding the finished product before lighting it with a trusted tobacco leaf. This voyage perpetuates with each smoke thus accompanying its owner, like a trusted friend, through the seasons of life.

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